D’Plazzo Lazare Diamond Gown

D’Plazzo Lazare Diamond Gown

This is the first time in history that wedding gown has been designed with real diamonds that can be removed and the bride will have diamond necklaces. This D’Plazzo haute couture gown is embellished with two 20-inch platinum diamond necklace strands with 130 round Lazare Diamonds® in varying sizes,weighing more than 20 carats.

This diamond-enhanced, couture gown is valued at $100,000

Mitchell Clark, vice-president of B.C. Clark Jewelers, said, ‘‘We are very excited to have apart in the design of this amazing one-of-a-kind gown.  What better way to make a wedding gown even more perfect than to add diamonds, and not just any diamonds, but over 20 carats of diamonds cut by one of the most renowned diamond cutters in the world, Lazare Kaplan.”

Debra Sanders, owner of D’Plazzo, says, “This has been a long-time dream for me to create a gown of this magnificence. Mitchell Clark and I are excited that we are getting to make history together, by creating a gown with diamonds that a bride can wear as necklaces after her wedding.” D’Plazzo Couture Designs is an Oklahoma-based atelier design studio creating unique wedding gowns and wedding attire for brides and women of distinction worldwide.”


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